Blue is not even a warm colour, what are you even talking about?: Blog Assignment 2

I feel like there should be an introduction here, but you know what they say. No. That’s what they say. Let’s just jump in and go shall we?

Alright, so two things are certain, right? Death and taxes. However, that’s not actually true and it’s just something people say. Kind of like a saying. What’s actually more certain is that we are born and we get a sweet beanie afterwards. The colour of our beanie, however, kind of sets up how we’ll be treated for our entire lives. Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. Men are strong, women are weak; men are brave, women require men to kill spiders for them; men are hella sexual, women require relationships (like always always always). Notice how men seem to get all of the cool qualities and women kind of don’t? Me too. Maybe that’s why stereotypical masculine behaviour in women is more tolerated than stereotypical feminine behaviour is in men. This tea is delicious. Opposition is how we place ourselves in our gender identities and fully root ourselves on the pink or blue side of the gender dichotomy. That’s when yet another old-timey saying comes into play: opposites attract.


See also: man disproves homosexuality by using magnets.

Men and women are supposed to desire each other, you see, because we’re opposites right? Right? RIGHT? Wrong. Surprisingly enough, gay people do exist. So do lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, pansexuals, and trans and non-binary individuals. Anyways, where am I going with this? Oh yes, Blue is the warmest colour.

This movie does nothing for lesbians. NOTHING. Not even the original source author likes the film. It’s probably the ultimate movie for any straight dudebro to hide away in his spankbank until further notice. I don’t want to sound gross, so I’ll be more eloquent here: the male gaze. The male gaze occurs when the audience is put into the perspective of a straight man. Did you notice how almost every scene included a shot of Adele or Emma’s butt? Almost as if the director wanted us to sexualize these ladies? Don’t lie to me. I’m not even a lesbian (to be fair, neither is the director), but I’m almost 500% sure that that’s not how lesbians have sex.

What would Zizek say about this movie? Well, pretty simple actually: mate and reproduce. The two actresses in the movie aren’t lesbians. Don’t get me wrong, the average guy has exactly a 0% chance of getting with either of them. But, they have a slightly less 0% chance of getting with them than they would if they were actually lesbians. SO THERE’S STILL A CHANCE, GUYS. MOVE TO FRANCE. YOU CAN HAVE SEX* WITH THEM!

*no you cannot.

If anything, this film does a lot to reinforce gender and sexuality stereotypes. It’s seen when Adele moves into the workforce, where she learns how to be a mother through her kindergarten teacher job. It’s seen when Adele’s relationship status changes, where she falls apart because she’s nothing without a romantic partner (remember: women care about relationships more than men). Just because she’s not in a heterosexual relationship, does not make her exempt from gendered expectations.


3 thoughts on “Blue is not even a warm colour, what are you even talking about?: Blog Assignment 2”

  1. Awesome blog post. Your sense of humour throughout made it easier to think about these issues! I also said in my blog that this film reinforces lots of stereotypes. To answer your rhetorical question I will say that yes, I did notice the infamous butt shots, lol. Without a doubt those scenes were made with the male gaze in mind, but only lesbians really know how lesbians actually do it so I stayed away from that in my post! Overall, I agree with your great examples of reinforced stereotypes 100%, but I also think these characters were utilized well in showing class differential and other political themes.



  2. I liked your discussion of how the film reinforced gender stereotypes. I definitely felt the same way and I also agree that the film was all too sexualized to be taken seriously (8 minute sex scene though?). The male gaze was indeed strong with this one. This post was also hilarious too, definitely an enjoyable read.


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