Could Friends BE any funnier!

Let’s start off with this:

So, I’m sitting here filling out my experience profiles for teachers college (kinda) and watching Whose Line Is It Anyway which of course reminded me of our lecture this past week on humour…so here I am, blogging.

this isn’t gonna get me into teachers college…

So, what makes something funny? If you laugh, chances are it’s probably funny, to you. Whether it be over exaggerated, dark, dry, sarcasm, or just good old classic comedy. If you want to laugh…then laugh. Who cares if people around you don’t find it funny, not everyone finds the same things funny. I mean…I find myself to be quite the character every once in a while, but others feel the need to tell me other wise.


Anyway, moving right along…

Good ol’ sarcasm. When this was brought up in class, one person came to mind…

Mr. Chandler Bing:


Personally, Chandler kills me. Friends is one of my favourite shows,  I think it’s hilarious.

In the spirit of our neighbours celebrating Thanksgiving, let’s take a look at this:

Did you laugh? I know I did…and do every time I watch it. Joey was not even trying to be funny, but come on…it’s Joey.

But now, lets try this….

Was it as funny? I’m just going to say it. No. Monica tried WAY too hard to try and imitate Joey’s humour. She did what she had to do until she made Chandler laugh…basically, she’s needs to stop and leave it to Joey. (note Chandler’s sarcasm at the beginning of the clip towards the duck..lmao! i love him)

Since I’m on the topic of Friends, I’m just gonna throw this in here because honestly….I CRY EVERY SINGLE TIME! (of laughter that is)

i may or may not be in tears right now

And to end with some over exaggerated humour from our good friend Willard Smith, mrfreshprinchimself


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